Lockerbie Wildlife Trust,
Reserve Manager: Jim Rae
07739 987 009

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Lockerbie Wildlife Trust and Eskrigg Nature Reserve

Lockerbie Wildlife Trust manages Eskrigg Nature Reserve and Woodland Walks and runs an annual programme of talks, visits and workshops relating to wildlife and conservation for members, schools and other interested parties.

The reserve and the adjacent woodland walks offer visitors the opportunity to relax in peaceful surroundings and observe or photograph the resident fungi, flora and fauna. Some people may prefer to explore the range of habitats or be a bit more energetic and walk their dogs, jog or cycle round the woodland trails. One of the trails is a 3km hardcore circuit that allows disabled access to the woodlands.

The Reserve and the Woodland Walks are open all year round; the Centre and Hides are open during the day only. Why not come along and see for yourself or book in for any of the organised activities?

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